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By Garrett Robison

Hey guys.  So Jake has been on me lately to write one of these blogs so I figure I better…  

Anyways,  when I was thinking of what to write about I began to think of a time that made a big impact on my life and how I choose to live it.  The summer before and after my senior year in high school Jake and myself went to a christian music camp in Nashville called camp electric.  This is a camp where the students get to hangout with and be taught by different christian artist.  From guys like Piller, Toby Mac and Diverscity, The Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Steven Curtis Chapman’s band, and various others.  So as you can imagine, for a couple of young and budding musicians like Jake and I, this was a dream come true.  

I remember we were both ecstatic at the fact that we would get to meet so many of our heros, much less get to hang with them.  At this camp there was an acoustic set every morning and a concert every night.  I’m talking the best concerts you can imagine.  There were hundreds of music loving teens, not the kind that just stand in the corner to listen to the music at the concert but the kind that go crazy and are jumping around nonstop for an hour and a half.  It was amazing.  Along with having a concert every night there was a speaker by the name of Dave, I think, I don’t remember his name as much as what he said.  The first night Skillet was the band playing and everyone was so excited. You feel the tension in the room as everyone waited for them to finally come on-stage and when they did it was like the room exploded.  It was so loud an intense in that place.  I know that probably all of you have had moments like this where you were going crazy for a band you love or cheering on the Cards in the world series.  

Anyway the next night Dave was speaking to us and he was wondering how we can get so excited about a band or sports team but we seem to fail in that area when it comes to God.  You know how it is, you’re at a really awesome concert there has been an awesome moment and you don’t want it to end.  So the crowd starts chanting, “one more song, one more song, one more song….”   At first it is soft but soon the entire crowd is caught up in it and there is roar of voices.  Dave said to us that the reading of the bible and being in Gods word is what we should never want to leave.  He told us to raise up our voices to cry out “One More Verse!”  He encouraged us to make this the cry of our lives instead of placing that in something that will die and fade away.  I will never forget what happened that night and every night that followed as Dave slowly walked off the stage.  It was just like everyone’s favorite band had quit playing.  It was soft and barely heard at first but then the with the deafening sound of all our voices raised in unity.  All that could be heard was “ONE MORE VERSE!!!!, ONE MORE VERSE!!!!, ONE MORE VERSE!!!!”  

So I encourage you to make this your mind-set.  Cry out to God telling him you never want to leave his presence.  Make this the priority of your life.  Don’t cheer or long for something that will never set you free or fulfill your soul.  Next time you are in His presence tell Him to not let up. Ask him to consume you and to allow true communion with His spirit.

With all this said I want to leave you with this thought and video.  Do truly have a divine romance with our creator.  Are you completely overwhelmed by his presence.  Just like Chad mentioned in his sermon this past weekend if you’re not in the presence of God like you have been in the past He is not the one that has moved.



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