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Without a doubt, we serve an AWESOME God. I’ve discovered over the past two years that nothing is impossible with Him. He can move mountains, make the sun standstill, heal the sick, reconcile relationships, deliver addicts, and give hope to the hopeless.

Take some time to read Joshua 4:1-24 this week.

In Joshua chapter 4, we can see how God completed the mighty task of bringing the Israelites into the Promised Land. God led the Israelites out of slavery under Pharaoh’s rule and into freedom just as He had promised. Because of the magnitude of what He did, God did not want the Israelites to ever forget what He had done for them. God wanted the Israelites to forever remember the miracle He performed for them and what a mighty and powerful God He is.

Think back for a moment… God has done some pretty amazing things in your life. If you are part of Terra Nova Church, you’ve seen some remarkable things that can only be explain because of the GREATNESS of God. He may have performed a miracle of healing or delivered you from the bondage of an addiction and into your own Promised Land.

Take time today to remember the mighty things God has done for you, your family, and our church family. Praise Him and commit to Him that you will never forget the amazing things He has done for you.

Use the comments section of this blog to GIVE THANKS for the many things that God has done!


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  1. Chad,
    I really don’t want to write a book here, but Thanksgiving this year is going to be full of THANKS!!! I was looking through the pictures taken while Dad was in the burn unit in St. Louis and was overwhelmed at the magnitude of his recovery. I realized it was all done by God’s hand, but while looking at the pictures I could actually see the improvement over a short period of time. Although I realized God had worked a miracle in Dad’s recovery, there are those who use excuses and say, “He had an awesome support team.” I agree. He had a ton of people praying for him. Others say, “Modern medicine is awesome and has come a long way in improving healing.” I agree with that comment too. I hear even more people say, “The doctors who took care of him and perform his surgeries were some of the best in the nation.” I’m still agreeing. These guys were fabulous. I hear even more comments saying, “Your dad is such a strong person, and he has the will to survive.” BUT, when you look at the pictures and realize this was a 74 year old man whom the doctors didn’t give much of a chance of surviving his injuries, you have to realize it was more than modern medicine, it was more than just great doctors, and it was more than just his strong will. It was even more than his support group who spent countless hours on their knees before a Holy God praying for his recovery. This was a direct intervention of God and His healing touch. The pictures speak volumes about how quick his recovery was. There is a visible difference day to day that I didn’t realize until later when I compared the dates of the pictures and saw the tremendous improvements over just a couple of days. I am so thankful God saw fit to answer my prayers of healing and allow my Dad to recover.
    This weekend I went hunting with my son and my dad. It was probably one of the best hunting trips I have been on and we didn’t even see any deer. But I was able to spend hours of quality time with two of the most important men in my life. The last year has been an awesome journey filled with trials of all kinds, but I have realized the love, grace, mercy, and provision of a Holy God at almost every turn. Grace and Mercy have taken a completely new meaning since I realize all the heartache I have been spared from yet I rightly deserve, and the grace that has been given to me which I don’t deserve and could never earn. This is a milestone for me, and one of the things for which I will be forever thankful. My son has witnessed the entire incident and I will not only be able to pass to him the things God has done for us, but he will be able to first hand tell his children what God did for him. I am so thankful for God’s work in my life over the last year. The things I am thankful for are to numerous to list. It is all His, and he has blessed me abundantly!!! Thank you Lord for all you have given, and Thank you Chad, for being there in my walk to help me up, dust me off, and giving me the encouragement to continue on!!

    Tim Bartlett

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