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Without a doubt, we serve an AWESOME God. I’ve discovered over the past two years that nothing is impossible with Him. He can move mountains, make the sun standstill, heal the sick, reconcile relationships, deliver addicts, and give hope to the hopeless.

Take some time to read Joshua 4:1-24 this week.

In Joshua chapter 4, we can see how God completed the mighty task of bringing the Israelites into the Promised Land. God led the Israelites out of slavery under Pharaoh’s rule and into freedom just as He had promised. Because of the magnitude of what He did, God did not want the Israelites to ever forget what He had done for them. God wanted the Israelites to forever remember the miracle He performed for them and what a mighty and powerful God He is.

Think back for a moment… God has done some pretty amazing things in your life. If you are part of Terra Nova Church, you’ve seen some remarkable things that can only be explain because of the GREATNESS of God. He may have performed a miracle of healing or delivered you from the bondage of an addiction and into your own Promised Land.

Take time today to remember the mighty things God has done for you, your family, and our church family. Praise Him and commit to Him that you will never forget the amazing things He has done for you.

Use the comments section of this blog to GIVE THANKS for the many things that God has done!